1957 Chevy defines the term Classic.



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57 Chevy Belair

11" Front disk brakes, 
Vintage SureFit Air Conditioning
Weld Racing Wheels
Power brakes, 
Power steering, 
Tilt steering, 
New suspension from rear springs to tie-rods.
Front mount cross flow radiator, 
Williams coated headers, 
ZZ4 355 HP -aluminum head -roller cam engine
700 R4 four speed overdrive transmission, 
Rear shock cross member, 
Power/Remote door locks and alarm 
Analog faced (digital) radio/CD changer with custom 57 Chevy face plate
Complete new 3D upholstery.
Trunk mount battery
Power Windows
Current Appraisal  
Deltron single stage 9300 paint
California Car
Digital gages
Can you afford a classic?

This car is not for sale.

ZZ4 Engine

This ZZ4 is a complete new engine there is not a rebuilt part in it. The following is GM's description.

Imagine an aluminum head small block that makes 355 horsepower. What if it had a street roller camshaft, 4-bolt main block, undercut steel rolled fillet crankshaft, high silicon pistons and strong PM connecting rods?  With over 400 Ft-Lbs of torque, the ZZ4 is the best way to put an aluminum head, roller cam, high performance small block between your favorite fenders. 

The aluminum angle plug cylinder heads have screw in rocker studs, 1.94" intake and 1.50" exhaust valves and 58cc
combustion chambers that yield a crisp and responsive 10 to 1 compression ratio. The valve seats are radiused and  have valve stem seals to help keep the oil where it belongs. 

To compliment the cylinder head design, we've incorporated a steel roller tappet camshaft with .474" intake and .510" exhaust valve lift. The combination makes 355 horsepower at 5250 rpm and has that great sounding muscle car idle, with just enough lope to let people know this is no station wagon engine. 

Also included with the ZZ4 is an HEI distributor with an ignition timing advance curve developed for performance, a dual plane aluminum intake manifold, an 8" high-RPM torsional damper, and a 12.75" auto trans flex plate.

HIGH PERFORMANCE 700 R4 Transmission

General Motors 700R4 Four speed automatic transmission with 30% overdrive. 

Ratios are: First gear 3.06, Second gear 1.62, Third gear 1.00, Fourth gear .70.
It allows lower first gear starting line acceleration and a 30% overdrive for the highway. 
With the exception of the case all of the parts are new and not rebuilt.

The 700-R4 includes:

Bowtie Overdrives Home page Information on the 700R4
Updated rear planet with positive lube.
High performance planetary gears.
Late roller clutch
Hardened planetary ring gear.
30 spline heavy duty input shaft.
10 vane front pump.
High performance band.
Modified valve body.
Modified for non computer vehicle.
Modified front pump to prevent seal and bushing blow out.
Corvette servos.
High flow filter.
Needle bearings
2 accumulator pistons and springs
Dash 2 Trans-Go-Shift-Kit
Updated lock-up valve
Late heavy duty sprags.
2200-2400 Stall converter


Keeps both rear B. F. Goodrich's working together.

1957 Chevy Belair

Sound System

 Custom Auto Sound.com 
Analog faced
(digital) radio/CD changer with custom 57 Chevy face plate to fit in
dash. A digital display shows through the analog dial when the radio/CD are on.
The radio has all of the CD functions built in. The changer is in the trunk and
holds six CD's. Rear speakers are Nakamichi, and the front in the kick
panels are Custom Auto Sound.




Complete new sculptured 3D upholstery. Bucket six-way power seats in front.
The work was done by CAT (Covina Auto Trim). The padding under the carpet 
is two layers, one is thick jute and the other is foil faced to deflect heat and sound 
from the interior. Center console opens to a jump seat.

Covina Auto Trim - 425 E. San Bernardino Rd, Covina CA  91723 (626) 966-2214


Vintage Air Conditioning

Vintage Air, Sure Fit Chevrolet, air conditioning, heating and defrost systems are designed
specifically for a classic Chevy. The coil and blower are matched  to give the maximum
amount of comfort in vehicle. Factory controls are used. Sure Fit systems attach to
existing holes in dash and firewall. 

1957 Chevrolet Sure Fit System Features:
-Mounts completely behind dash.
-Center molded plenum and two remote ducts for maximum air flow.
-High capacity blower and coil.
-17" "Monster Cooler Electric Fan" 


FAT 50 Weld Wheels

The Weld Racing wheels are Cold Forged and utilize a new "Double Wall" smooth rim lip
and full billet center section to improve strength and appearance and a fully polished finished. 
Sizes are: 15X6" front and 15X8" back.

B. F. Goodrich 2.15/65RS15 and 2.45/60RS15 are wrapped around them.

Disk Brakes with two inch drop spindles


11 inch disk brakes and 9 inch booster for the power brakes. All of the undercarriage, steering, mounts, 
and headers were done by Williams Classic Chassis Works  Home page


605 Power Steering Gear Box

Went from two hands to one finger to make a U turn
Williams Classic Chassis Works 


Sway Bar

With the complete under carriage (from rear leaf to front coil springs) replaced including adding a sway bar and the power steering it corners like a slot car. Williams Classic Chassis Works 

Power Windows Designed for the 57 Chevy


Specialty Power Windows conversion kit, for the 1957 Chevy 2door  hardtop, 
uses new AC-Delco motors. Full new wiring harness. 

Remote Power Door Locks and Alarm System

Whistle Stop Electronics

DynoMax Street Mufflers

DynoMax Mufflers offer top ratings 
in sound, performance, and backpressure.

Williams Custom Coated Headers

Designed to fit around the 605 steering box and the side motor mounts.
Williams Classic Chassis Works 


New eight-circuit push-pull fuse blocks installed with new dash wiring. Digital Gages, 130 Amp. electric system, cellular connections in the center console and trunk. Electric fan is active when air is on, and temperature controlled when air is off, it also has a manual switch. It should never over heat.

57 Chevy Belair

Think You Can't Afford a Classic Car

Consider the following news article:

(ARA) - After mailing a $580 check to the bank each month for five years, Roger can finally claim ownership of his Chevy Blazer. This vehicle, bought for $30,000 five years ago, ended up costing him over $35,000 in payments. Now, five years older, the sport utility vehicle's resale value has dwindled to about $8,000. (end) -30-

A 1957 Chevy Belair sold new for $2,500 - $3,500. The current appraisal would indicate that it has increased over $800 a year for the past 44 years and continues to do so.


My insurance company suggested an appraisal would be beneficial in the event of loss or damage. Shown below is the last page of the eleven page report by Liberty Limited Appraisal Services of Upland California. 
Notice: Just had the appraisal updated. Went up $1,200.00 in the last year

Liberty Limited Appraisal Services
Tel: 909-982-5382P.O. Box 997FAX: 909-982-6382
Upland, CA 91785-0997


California DMV #00102

California Verifier #5638

12/10/2001Appraisal of 1957 Chevrolet BelAir 2 door hard top
Vin# VC57LXXXXX License# Wxxx949 Expires 07/16/2002

Current Retail Market Value is: $39,990.00

ACTUAL VALUE ANALYSIS- In accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5, Section 2695.8, all adjustments to value are measurable, itemized and specified in dollar amounts. We used those value guides listed as a reference material in this appraisal.

/s/ R.G. Harris, Appraiser

Please note: This appraisal, as prepared by R.G.Harris of Liberty Limited, is not to be construed as a guarantee of any price, which may be obtained in the open market. A willing buyer and a willing seller may arrive at any price mutually agreeable. This report is offered as an estimate only of the value of the examined vehicle based on information provided to the appraiser by the ordering party, and other standardized criteria used in the appraisal of the vehicle for the determination of the value. 

1957 Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop

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